If you look to …

If you look to others for fulfillment you will never truly be fulfilled,
Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking the whole world belongs to you

-Lao Tzu


Pentagon: Left Brain vs Right Brain part I.


This visual representation will get you thinking about the divide between logical and creative thought. First lets assess the differences between the left and right hemisphere. The left hemisphere thinks sequentially, it utilizes logic and rationality, it thinks in parts and tends to analyze, in the instant you look at the 5 dots your left brain connects them to construct a pentagon. The “out of the box” holistic aspect of the right brain is required to deconstruct the pentagon and reconstruct a five pointed star, or any shape for that matter.

For creative problem solving approaching form & meaning in a liquid fashion allows us to see an infinite possibility of solutions. The resolution of the conflict between the Left & Right occurs when you see the image for what it is, a collection of dots existing exclusively from all possible expressions of form. Any form of specific logical order or disorder is a result of your nervous system decoding sensory information in one specific way.

You can think of form like an ice statue, frozen in a rigid expression, this is the logic and rationality of the left hemisphere at work. If we melt down the ice into free flowing creative liquidity then we can use the intuition and holistic processing of the right hemisphere to craft it into any form we please.

A Slice and Dice of Nutrition

America has generally maintained a relatively high quality of life, its standard diet however, is known to be sub par at best. While I don’t consider myself exceptional in any health standard I am open to a wide range of nutritional tips that can supply me with the energy I need to get through my day and longevity in life. Upon finishing college I experimented with  vegetarianism and veganism, I went 2 months eating mainly vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, grains and on occasion some dairy or eggs. The vegan lifestyle offers a more compassionate attitude towards animals, a large dose of vitamins and minerals. When your eating veg your have a high intake of complex carbohydrates, fiber and foods containing water, thereby your stomach fills up quickly with food and you don’t feel very hungry. I lost a bunch of weight, some fat and some muscle, relatively quickly.

The drawbacks of a veg diet is that while you don’t eat much in one sitting you are constantly hungry because the carb energy runs out pretty fast. Consuming mainly sugars you also build up insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure. B vitamins are also lacking, they regulate thyroid function, which processes proteins, carbs and fats coming into your body. You can get B vitamins from some types of cheese but mainly from meats (organ meats are best). A healthy thyroid is an indicator of a good lymphatic and immune system, your body is better able to fight off diseases. After losing a bunch of weight and being drained of energy following my vegetarian bend I decided to give animal products a try once again.

Following a bunch of research I came to the conclusion that the diet which works best (for me) is about 50% fat, 25% protein, 25% carb. Since fats are most dense source of energy (9 calories/gram vs 4 calories/gram) they supply you with long lasting thermogenic (heat creating) energy, this prevents you from being hungry and it burns fat inside the body. The proteins should come from fish, meats, dairy products (yogurt is good) and nuts. Your source of carbs should be coming from vegetables (sweet potato, leafy greens, etc) and rice. I dont advocate a veg diet simply because its lacking in a bunch of vital nutrients but it is a lot better than the standard american diet. The biggest change you can make in your life is cutting out processed foods, limiting your intake of grains (thats another story) and consuming greater amounts of fat than carbs.

If you got this far, Thanks for reading through my ramblings. I’ll be working on organizing health tips more, especially because a lot of people are in need of proper advice. If you have any direct questions don’t hesitate in sending me a msg @ szabolevente21@yahoo.com

Agreement Theory

Suppose two parties are in disagreement, such as the democrats and the republicans. These two groups are at odds with each other not because of some ethical dilemma of objective right or wrong, they simply have differing world views. If we want to build a compromise between the two sides than they have to be willing to understand and interpret the arguments and concerns of the other party. If both sides are well versed in their opponents mindset than they will build the cause of their own party by the collection of counterarguments. Discussions would flow more freely if a moderate consensus is reached through constructive debate. Since I personally don’t place myself on either side of the spectrum I am able collect information concerning both parties and disperse it accordingly in an effort to keep the ball rolling.  Acting as an unattached observer has a wide variety of benefits, you are better able to fully comprehend the scope of a problem before you take a side on it. Approaching interpersonal and personal issues in this manner can lead to an extended form of equilibrium.

A wide variety of group conflicts can be resolved in this way, not just Democrat vs Republican (however, if you are interested in how their world views differ, check out George Lakoffs Moral Politics). Some might call me a trickster but I believe that conflict is necessary for growth, take the time and effort to observe either side in a neutral fashion then pick whatever agrees with your gut feeling without becoming too absorbed in your Ego.

Pseudo-Schizo Philosophical Ramblings

Everyone is meant for a higher purpose, achieved through the long and tedious path towards self discovery. The discovery of oneself takes time, inspiration and most crucially, self awareness. Never limit yourself by your career, your infinite potential is more than what any job dictates. Once basic social, physical and psychological needs are met the ability to strive towards self-actualization can be achieved by inspiring others through selfless altruism. Throughout society individuals are coming up with innovative ways of fostering interconnectedness, understanding others can help you understand yourself. Mindfulness and conscious attention can help one achieve the self-validation and intuitive understanding that allow for one to be the change they want to see in the world.